What we expect from athletes –

There are certainly no requirements in terms of fitness or experience on the bike. The main thing we expect from athletes is honesty and the ability to be “coached.” This may mean discarding old ideas about training or how hard you are supposed to ride or when or how to rest. Once we have agreed upon a training plan, if we don’t stick to it, there is no way for us to ever discover if it worked or not. Every athlete responds differently to training intensity, volume and recovery, fine tuning these variables is the art of coaching.

What athletes can expect from us –

We will never push an athlete further then they want to go. We will work with you to determine your goals and to help determine if they are a possibility given the amount of time you have available. We all have family, jobs, and commitments, we will work together to develop key workouts that are priorities and then workouts that if necessary can be missed. In and ideal world 100% of all workouts would be completed but that is far from reality. While some people think coaching can help with accountability which it certainly can, we are not going to chase after you for missing your workouts.

Financial Issues? –

Please ask, we are willing to work with whatever your current situation may be. We both completely understand being cash strapped. We can make something work within your budget.

Group Rates, Discounts, Sponsorship?–

Please email with the specifics and we will be happy to work with you or your group.

Why do I need a coach? –

There are many reasons why having a coach can help you as an athlete. Sometime having someone different then yourself to help analyze and asses progress is the biggest thing. As a cyclist, we are rather emotionally tied to our performances and a coach can act as a removed party in helping to ensure you push through the low spots that will certainly arise. Additionally, a coach can really ensure you are getting the most out of each and every workout on the bike. If you are out riding and can’t answer the question of what you are working on that day then you are possibly wasting your time. Of course riding your bike is fun, but specificity in your workouts will be the key to achieving your goals. Every workout you do will have a purpose, and we will help you to understand that purpose in terms of your individual goals.


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