Whether your goal is to win the sprint on the donut ride or make it to elite nationals I am eager to assist you in optimizing your training to achieve your goals.  Everyone has limited time to train, and often maximizing the benefits of the time spent on the bike is the key to success. Training harder isn’t better than training smarter.  Instead of buying the next set of wheels that promise you speed how about investing in your own fitness, learn to ride with confidence and have the ability to succeed

Coaching Package Includes:

  • Initial interview going over past history (health and athletic background), determining your goals and how best to achieve them and finally discussion of training philosophy and prioritization of workouts
  • Brief layout of seasonal shifts and training periodization
  • Monthly Personalized Training plans based on your level of commitment and time
  • Unlimited email access for questions.
  • Help with equipment selection and appropriate clothing for cycling here in the northwest
  • Pre and post race/ride analysis
  • Power analysis if client uses power
    to train
  • Field test to determine HR or Power

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