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HCC Athlete Report: Connie Clement

Everyone remember Connie’s first appearance on our blog here or her update here.  Well she has sent us some more feedback after her successful race at the Danskin Triathlon.  This is what she had to say about her race and her training leading up to the event.


The Danskin went great!  I felt completely strong and prepared.  I wasn’t particularly nervous at the start, which surprised me. I did get a little unnerved at the beginning of the swim, but that was just lack of experience. The bike leg was fantastic. I felt strong and had fun. I’m pleased with my 19 mph average.  The run went well. My goal was to keep my feet moving and at least jog, if not run.  The one big hill was slow and steady.  After recovering at the top, I realized I had about a quarter mile left to go, so I gave it everything I had left.

My goal going into this thing was to finish in the top half.  I ended up in the top 11%. I was ecstatic.  Brian’s training paid off. I feel completely satisfied.

Looking back at the training, it did take my free time. There are projects around the house that didn’t get done as a result of my training, but I didn’t have to sacrifice family time.  In fact, the support I felt from my family the day of the race was fantastic. In hindsight, I’m very glad I did the Danskin and very glad Brian prepared me so well. It was a good goal. I’m grateful to have completed the race so confidently. As for the projects that didn’t get done, they’ll be there next summer.



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Feedback from our 8 and 8 program!

So early this year we released a new program aimed at recreational level atheletes who were looking for some guidance in achieving an event based goal.  To get the word out there we offered up one of these packages to an auction fundraiser for a local school district.

The winner of the package, Greg Rehm, was looking to complete the infamous Seattle to Portland (STP) in one day.  We got him on a program and away he went.  After a very strong performance over the 205 mile ride, Greg let us know about his thoughts on his performance and our coaching. Here are some excerpts from his email.

The event went great!  I felt stronger at mile 200 than I felt at mile 100 last year.  Had a good pace group and we were able to hold a smooth line all day.  Averaged just shy of 18mph over the whole 205 which I feel good about. Thanks for working with me and supporting the Columbia Parents Assoc.  I  really enjoyed having a plan and am having a bit of withdrawal now that it’s over.  I still have two more riding goals for the year and am hoping to carry this fitness level into them.

While the season is winding down it isn’t too early to start thinking about next year!  Feel free to email us to see how the coaches at HCCS can meet your needs!

The event went great!  I felt stronger at mile 200 than I felt at mile 100

last year.  Had a good pace group and we were able to hold a smooth line


day.  Averaged just shy of 18mph over the whole 205 which I feel good


Thanks for working with me and supporting the Columbia Parents Assoc.  I

really enjoyed having a plan and am having a bit of withdrawal now that


over.  I still have two more riding goals for the year and am hoping to

carry this fitness level into them.

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Client Profile: Connie Clement

Consistency is an integral part of success in sport.  When we offered our 8 and 8 program it was based around that exact principle.  Many atheletes these days have increasingly full lives and are looking to milk the most out of a small time commitment.  Through structured workouts built around bringing maximum gains in a limited amount of time our 8 and 8 clients are seeing real results.  Connie Clement, one of these clients has agreed to lets us publish her experience with our coaching program as she goes on to compete in the Seattle Danskin Triathlon.  Here is her first installment.

I am not a competitive athlete. I am, however, someone who likes to stay fit and try new things.  So while at dinner celebrating my 44th birthday, I had the idea to push back against the force of aging and do the Seattle Danskin Triathlon. It was one of those hair brain ideas you get in the dreariness of winter.

My husband used the idea as a reason to dub our 15th anniversary as the Bicycle Anniversary. He bought BOTH of us new bicycles. This sort of forced my hand. I couldn’t let that fancy new thing sit unused in the shed. I figured I better sign up before I rationalized that working full time and wanting quality time with my husband and daughter kept me from getting out of my comfort zone and trying this new thing.

I’ve tried similar things in the past. In 1998 (before my daughter), I did Team In Training through the Leukemia Society.  Through that program I completed 2 marathons.  It was a very exciting, empowering experience. I was slow (6+ hours the first one, 5 hours the second), but it didn’t matter. I finished, and I had new confidence in what my body could do.

In early 2009, I went through training as a Jazzercise instructor. That was a big kick and it shifted how I viewed myself in a positive way. I’m still teaching Jazzercise 3 to5 times each week, but I’m ready to do something new. Besides, I always admired aerobics instructors who do different sports. I’d like to be like that.

So I signed up for the Danskin. I have some trepidation about fitting in the training. I also have some concern about keeping my energy level up for my classes, but I’m trying to put those thoughts aside to save room for the positives that will, hopefully, come out of the effort: strength, renewed confidence in my abilities, deeper knowledge of how my body functions, contribution to the Susan B. Komen Foundation, and a new experience.

We look forward to Connie’s progress and updates along the way!  Thanks Connie!

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HCC Athlete Feature: Patrick Means

As a coach there is nothing more rewarding than seeing many of your atheletes achieving some great results.  Here at HCC we have been lucky to have several of our atheletes pull off some impressive results in the last months.  Since mid-winter, Patrick Means has been a client of HCC and has been tearing up the local racing scene both on and off the road.  We thought we would ask him a few questions about his recent success.

Patrick Means winning the Cat 3 Crit at Walla Walla Stage Race. Photo Courtesy of

You just returned from one of your first mountain bike races of the season, how did it go?

It went really well.  The race is the Mudslinger, down in Oregon.  I helped build some of the trails for the race back in high school, so it’s kinda my home race.  It was the first mtb race of the year for me, those usually always suck!  It’s usually a shock to the system, all the intensity, but this year with all the racing I’ve done leading up to it, I kinda fell into the groove pretty quick.  I got 6th in the pros. And I almost had 5th place on the line!  It wasn’t the normal namesake conditions.  It was sunny and pretty warm!  typically this race is a bit earlier in the year and it’s wet wet wet, which is better for me usually.

Recently, on the road, you have enjoyed some pretty impressive results, can you list some of those for us?

I guess the highlight would be winning the Tour of Walla Walla Criterium in the Cat 3s.  Everything just fell into place during that race.  I then placed 2nd in the final road race the following day.  Those results, with a fairly solid time trial, and I was able to take 6th place on GC that weekend.  The following weekend I went and raced at the Cherry Blossom Cycling Classic down in Oregon.  I took 4th in the field sprint the first day, then 3rd the day after on maybe one of the greatest race courses that I’ve yet raced on.  I took 6th in the TT and finished with the pack in the Criterium, so I held onto 4th on GC.  Oh, and the weekend before Walla Walla I took 4th at Volunteer Park crit, then the next day was down at Olympic view road race, and flatted with 8 miles to go!  So yeah, I’m really happy with how the season has started out!

Why do you think things have been going so well?

don’t really know how to say it, other then, my head has been in the right space.  It was kind of hard winter, I was laid-off from my job, and it’s been trying, to say the least, at acquiring another one.   The community support has been great.  I am also keeping busy with other things, non-bicycle things, which is great.  This is good for balance and balance is key.  I am also really enjoying my training.  I started working with High Cadence Coaching Systems and that has been going great.  Great communication, good people, it’s really relaxed and pleasant working with them.  The workouts on the other hand… some of them, are really tough!

Have you felt well prepared for your recent races?
Extremely well prepared.  I feel rested heading into them and I can’t believe how fast recovery has been!  Some of it has been just taking care of my body.  I’ve been seeing Steve Noble at Noble Sports Chiropractic and Ed Layton, Acupuncturist, at Layton Health Clinic.  Both these guys have helped me a lot, staying healthy, faster recovery, injury prevention, too many things to list.  Also, the training heading into the racing has been very focused.  It’s clear that both Phil and Brian at High Cadence, not only do they have a ton or racing/training experience themselves and with clients, but they’ve got into the scientific studies of training.  They’ve done lots of homework to really learn how to train different people, for different objectives.  And they are excited about what they do!  It’s great.
What has been different from previous years?
I graduated from Western Washington University last fall.  Before, I’ve always been doing the school thing, work thing and the bike thing as well.  So no school this year and that is a big change.  My work situation has changed for the better, financially, it’s a little harder, but mentally/quality-of-life, it’s way better.  As I mentioned before, this is my first season working with High Cadence and I couldn’t be happier!
What are some of your upcoming races and goals?
Well,  one of my big goals for the season was to get enough points to upgrade to 2’s on the road, which I got at Walla Walla.  The next major goal is going to be Mountain Bike Nationals in July.  It’s at elevation, which is going to hurt, but it should be a really great experience.  There are many other races that I want to do, but I have to decide between the mountain or the road for a good few of them.  There is a chance that I’ll race the High Cascades 100 in Bend in August.  It’s a 100 mile mountain bike race on some amazing trails out near the Three Sisters and Mount Bachelor.  Then maybe some cyclocross in the Fall?
Any plans to upgrade to the big leagues soon?
haha!  Soon…  I think I’ll race another weekend as a 3 and then upgrade.  It’s funny, I couldn’t wait to get to the 2s before racing began, I didn’t even want to deal with the 3s.  But now that I’ve got the opportunity to upgrade, I’m hesitant.  I think a lot of people upgrade too fast.  It’s important to get experience being successful, for a couple reasons, morale being one, it’s also important to attain the top spot before you upgrade, when you win, something clicks, and you’re like, ok, I can do this again.

You just got back from one of your first mountain bike races of the

season, how did it go?

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More Feedback From Clients

It is always nice to hear that things are going well for a client, even more so when that client was almost in so much pain they were unable to ride their bike at all.  Mary Margaret Bowmer recently provided us with this feedback from her bike fit.  Enjoy.

Phil did a bike fit on my race bike a couple of months ago.  At the time I was having some pretty severe left anterior knee pain.

My massage practitioner thought it was related to a tight hamstring. (Which was very tight.) For a couple of weeks I kept stretching, but kept riding too, but the pain did not subside.  Finally my husband urged me to get a bike fit.
Phil did an amazing job.  He first checked over my flexibility and motion.  Then got me on the bike and watched me spin for a few.  He raised my seat time and time again till it was a good inch to two higher.  I was amazed and skeptical, but surprisingly it felt really good and my knee felt better.  He also adjusted the position of the saddle and shoes, carefully seeing how my knee was reacting with each spin.  Finally, he adjusted the stem which changed quite a bit.  I went home and my husband made the changes on my training bike as well.
Now my knees feel great!  No more pain.  And more shoulders feel better too.  I feel stronger on the bike, especially when climbing.  It feels like I can spin at a better and at a more efficient rate, and breathe better as well.  Which is always good.
Thanks Phil to a job well done.
MaryMargaret Bowmer
Call Dr. Steve Noble at 360.671.7067 to schedule your fit today!

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New Season, Two TT’s, Two Minutes Each

Post By Phil  Elsasser

High Cadence Coaching is proud to have athletes like David Bishop under its wings as his drive for performance combined with the help and guidance of our coaching has brought him a long way in a very short time.  Dave recently completed two early season time trials and saw great improvements from the year prior.  Here is his report on his incredible early season gains!

Well, it has started. And what better way than to start the bike racing season then with the race of truth. Where it is just me(and many other racers), my bike and the clock. One of my goals this season was to improve my time trialing. Which is funny because I am not sure I ever shared that out loud with Brian or Phil. Regardless after our mild-ish winter, lots of great base miles, and my first complete year of being on a program, my performance exceeded my expectations hugely. I have, in the past, been a marginal middle of the pack bike racer. Let’s just say if there was a field of any size I would find the front of the middle third. In fairness I did end last bike season in a pretty solid place winning the Master C Team Time Trial with three strong teammates. But to do well on my own? So after lots of chilly sunny Saturday’s out for 4-7 hours, a small weekend bike tour in California, and what seems like very little speed work I eaked out an 8th place and a 4th place finish in Masters Cats at Frostbite and Icebreaker Time Trial’s respectively. More importantly at Frostbite I was 1:47 faster on the 9 mile course and Icebreaker, a 10 mile course, I was 2:12 faster. That seems shocking as I type this. I would have been happy with 20 seconds. I have not lost a remarkable amount of weight. So what’s the deal?  I believe that the year of consistent training coupled with learning how to stay with it mentally have been the determining factors. This season I am really learning how to go hard and suffer and not “blow up”. And I think that mental edge is the crossroad with fitness to improvement.

High Cadence Coaching Systems could not be happier to coach such a great athlete and soon to be father! Great Job Dave, and keep up the good work!  You can read more about Dave here.  We hope to see dave many more times cracking the top ten as the season progresses and hopefully standing on that top step of the podium as we get some more speed in his legs! Photo courtesy of Jeff Lynch Photography.

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WWU Bike Fit Nights

Well when you offer anything FREE to  college students you should pretty much plan on being busy, and we WERE!  Man, two nights of “clinic” style fittings, 12 students and several hours later much of the WWU team is on their way to riding efficiently and without pain.

Hip Motion Analysis

Hip Movement Analysis

Measuring Drop

Saddle to Bar Drop Measurement

Saddle Fore Aft Adjustment

Saddle Fore Aft Adjustment

Cleat Position Analysis

Cleat Position Analysis

Many came in with aches, pains or just simply being uncomfortable on the bike.  I am pretty sure everyone walked out of the office in amazement that you could be comfortable on the bike.  I am excited that I got to have some small part in getting people excited about riding, and giving back to the WWU Cycling Team which has given me so much.

I will leave you with a snippet of  two riders email responses to me following the fits.

Hey Phil,

David Dees here. I’ve only put about 6 hours on the saddle total since the fitting, but I know it feels leaps and bounds better than before. When I bought the bike, I just adjusted the seat post height and called it good. After the fitting, I definitely had a lot of strain reduced on my shoulders, and arms and neck and lower back, so much so that I’m pretty much taking my bike everywhere (even to campus) and instead of walking in some cases.

David Dees

Hey Phil,

My bike now feels incredible after the fit.   I’d thought about getting a fit before but the prices blew me away.  I now realize how complicated fitting actually is.  I feel very lucky to have gotten a professional fit from you.  I can’t believe I rode for so long the way my bike was.

Eric Messerschmidt

Right now is a great time to get fit, adjustments take some time for our body to adapt to and the off season for most is a great time to learn to be more efficient on the bike! So come on in, call Steve Noble’s Office at 360.671.7067 to schedule.

For more info click here.

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