Bike Fitting

Bike Position Analysis

Ever think you could be more efficient on your bike? Do you sometimes not ride longer because of discomfort?
Are you having pain on the bike? Achy knees, low back pain, shoulder or neck tightness, numb hands, feet or groin?

Hip Motion Analysis

Hip Movement Analysis

All of these could be a good indicator that your bike is not set up properly for your body. I have worked extensively with Dr. Steven Noble and Portland-bike fit guru Michael Sylvester to learn how to produce a personalized pain free, efficient position on the bike. Each fit starts with an intake assessment with Dr. Noble and myself to assess flexibility, past injury, and the type of riding you do.

Saddle Fore Aft Adjustment

Saddle Fore Aft Adjustment

After this we start working with clients on the bike to get them into an efficient, comfortable position. We can also recommend stretches and exercises to help clients position and posture on the bike.

The process usually takes around 1.5-2 hours total.Please come in typical riding clothing and shoes.

Call Dr. Nobles Office at 360.671.7067 and ask to schedule a bike fit.

We are willing to do Tri/TT position also, however due to the nature of these bikes and the added time requirement of TT bars, there is an extra $50 charge.

Want to see what our clients think?  Click here and here for some testimonials from our satisfied customers!

See for more information

Measuring Drop

Saddle to Bar Drop Measurement

Cleat Position Analysis

Cleat Position Analysis


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