HCC Athlete Report: Connie Clement

Everyone remember Connie’s first appearance on our blog here or her update here.  Well she has sent us some more feedback after her successful race at the Danskin Triathlon.  This is what she had to say about her race and her training leading up to the event.


The Danskin went great!  I felt completely strong and prepared.  I wasn’t particularly nervous at the start, which surprised me. I did get a little unnerved at the beginning of the swim, but that was just lack of experience. The bike leg was fantastic. I felt strong and had fun. I’m pleased with my 19 mph average.  The run went well. My goal was to keep my feet moving and at least jog, if not run.  The one big hill was slow and steady.  After recovering at the top, I realized I had about a quarter mile left to go, so I gave it everything I had left.

My goal going into this thing was to finish in the top half.  I ended up in the top 11%. I was ecstatic.  Brian’s training paid off. I feel completely satisfied.

Looking back at the training, it did take my free time. There are projects around the house that didn’t get done as a result of my training, but I didn’t have to sacrifice family time.  In fact, the support I felt from my family the day of the race was fantastic. In hindsight, I’m very glad I did the Danskin and very glad Brian prepared me so well. It was a good goal. I’m grateful to have completed the race so confidently. As for the projects that didn’t get done, they’ll be there next summer.



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