Touf of Utah: TT and Crit

The TT stage was a bit off the grid so to speak and on the drive out there everyone in the team van was certainly a bit curious as to why the race organizer had us driving a ways out of SLC for a simple 9 mile TT.  Well that question was quickly answered when we pulled into the Larry H Miller motor sports park.  It proved to be an amazing venue.  Not only could spectators watch the entire race from the viewing area above, each team was giving a pit bay as a warm up area.  Pretty cool!  The course itself was pretty straightforward with most of it being on wide open racing track with large smooth turns allowing for ridiculously fast times.  Taylor Phinney pulled it off again averaging well over 33 mph to take the win.  Insane.

Oddly enough, that same adjective describes the course the race organizers had chosen for the “crit”.  The reason for the quotes? well lets say this “crit” had just shy of 5,000 feet of climbing and was held at 7,000 feet of altitude in Park City.  There was alot of grumbling about the course, and the time cut, which apparently was adjusted at the request of BMC’s team management.  Whatever the case maybe, I didn’t make it through it, and nor did 40 other guys.  It was an unfortunate end to my experience at the Tour of Utah and I would of really like to be one of maybe only 10 amateurs that actually finished the race.  I am sitting here in SeaTac airport about to board a plane to head to Philadelphia for Univest Grand Prix.  This will be my last race of the season, a fact that I am very ambivalent about.  Thanks for reading!



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2 responses to “Touf of Utah: TT and Crit

  1. Sean YD

    Just to clarify, the BMC Racing Team asked whether the race officials would consider a change from 30 percent to 50 percent on the distance that had to be completed (before being lapped). In other words, 37 minutes – as opposed to 25 minutes.

    The commissaires asked for an informal show of hands from the directors. Only two teams opposed the change.

    Realistically, is it fair for someone to only race 25 minutes when everyone else is doing 75 minutes? It’s a stage race. Normally, you would have to complete the entire distance no matter what.

    • I was not there to confirm or deny that. Either way, your statement “Normally, you would have to complete the entire distance no matter what.” is incorrect. I have never seen a single Crit in any stage race that you have to complete the entire thing to advance to the next day.

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