HCC Athlete Feature: Connie Clement

We have another update from Connie as she preps for the Danskin Triathlon.  Check it out!

1)      Almost 5 weeks of focused training under your belt now. How are you feeling?

I’m definitely feeling stronger and more capable.  I enjoy the process more now than I did at first.  Getting through the workouts at the beginning has been the hardest part.

2)      Has staying on track with your training program been harder or easier than you thought it was going to be? How about the ability to actually complete the workouts – too challenging?

Staying on track has been do-able so far.  A couple times I varied the schedule, i.e. I rode with friends rather than the prescribed ride, or I swam in the pool rather than open water, but I’ve stayed on track for the most part.  Another area of deviation has been in the details of the interval training for the runs. I simplify things a lot rather than time myself to the second.  For instance, for the run with pickups I’ll do a slow lap and a faster lap repeatedly, but I don’t check my watch during the process. It’s just by feel.

3)      Looking back, before you signed up for the Danskin Tri you must have had some trepidation and/or some second thoughts on whether or not this is really something you wanted to jump into with both feet.  Is that accurate? Now, after 5 weeks of training, what kind of thoughts are running through your head?

You’re right, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it at first, but I’m committed now!  There are no more (or rarely) thoughts of backing out. I’ve invested enough time and effort to see it through. Plus, I have more confidence about the event.

4)      Have you achieved any personal goals already?

Yeah. As silly as it may sound, I completed a goal last week of riding with the donut ride. I’d tried hanging with the donut about a decade ago when I was riding a lot. I was never able to hang on.  Last week I rode with the group and was able to keep up. Granted, I stayed at the back and only went the short loop, but it was an accomplishment nonetheless.

5)      What do you think the biggest difference is (positive or negative) between having a structured program and coach to just doing it on your own?

Accountability is big for me.  Without it, I would have bailed on the idea months ago.

Having a recipe for workouts is also very helpful, although sometimes I did deviate from it. Having a coach who has the knowledge to create a successful workout plan has helped me get from Point A to Point B. I would not have known how to do that on my own. Plus, it would have been easier to slack.

6)      Any funny training stories, embarrassing moments, and/or insights that you’ve had along the way?

Well, I overestimated my physical condition for running, biking and swimming at first. I began the training program in good condition and felt fairly invincible.  I forgot how various sports use muscle in such different ways. Time spent running, riding and swimming has reminded me that I really needed to train for these specific sports. I’m so glad I didn’t try to wing it!

As far as funny/embarrassing moments, there is the story about falling off my commuter bike in downtown Bellingham at 4:30 in the afternoon.  The resulting 5 stitches in my thumb have interrupted my swimming training, but it seems to be healing nicely. P.S. Bellingham has really nice fire fighters and paramedics.

7)      What you would say to someone who is contemplating those decisions you were trying to make 6-7 weeks ago, ie prior to signing up for the race and with HighCadence Coaching Systems?

Right now, at 44 years old, I feel more comfortable in my body than ever.  That’s a really good feeling.  Someone recently said to me, “You’re one of those people who ages really well.”  Staying physically active is the key, and having goals is part of that active lifestyle.  So, what’s on your bucket list?  What’s keeping you from trying those things?  People like HighCadence can help you get there, so why not?

8)      What’s your prediction for race day?

I’ll stay to the outside for the swim and take it slow and easy.  On the bike, I’ll pick up spots, on the run I’ll hold steady and try to use up every ounce of energy reserves for the finish.  My finish will be mid-pack, and that will be just fine. The beer afterwards will be the best ever.

9)      Any other thoughts?

Training for the Danskin has been a great goal this summer, so I’m glad I stuck with it. I’m looking forward to the race. My husband and daughter are going to Seattle with me, and we’re going to make a fun weekend out of it. I’m happy to be setting this example for my daughter, and I’m glad she will see this event.  Maybe it will inspire her to continue to be healthy and active as she becomes a pre-teen and beyond.


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