Client Profile: Connie Clement

Consistency is an integral part of success in sport.  When we offered our 8 and 8 program it was based around that exact principle.  Many atheletes these days have increasingly full lives and are looking to milk the most out of a small time commitment.  Through structured workouts built around bringing maximum gains in a limited amount of time our 8 and 8 clients are seeing real results.  Connie Clement, one of these clients has agreed to lets us publish her experience with our coaching program as she goes on to compete in the Seattle Danskin Triathlon.  Here is her first installment.

I am not a competitive athlete. I am, however, someone who likes to stay fit and try new things.  So while at dinner celebrating my 44th birthday, I had the idea to push back against the force of aging and do the Seattle Danskin Triathlon. It was one of those hair brain ideas you get in the dreariness of winter.

My husband used the idea as a reason to dub our 15th anniversary as the Bicycle Anniversary. He bought BOTH of us new bicycles. This sort of forced my hand. I couldn’t let that fancy new thing sit unused in the shed. I figured I better sign up before I rationalized that working full time and wanting quality time with my husband and daughter kept me from getting out of my comfort zone and trying this new thing.

I’ve tried similar things in the past. In 1998 (before my daughter), I did Team In Training through the Leukemia Society.  Through that program I completed 2 marathons.  It was a very exciting, empowering experience. I was slow (6+ hours the first one, 5 hours the second), but it didn’t matter. I finished, and I had new confidence in what my body could do.

In early 2009, I went through training as a Jazzercise instructor. That was a big kick and it shifted how I viewed myself in a positive way. I’m still teaching Jazzercise 3 to5 times each week, but I’m ready to do something new. Besides, I always admired aerobics instructors who do different sports. I’d like to be like that.

So I signed up for the Danskin. I have some trepidation about fitting in the training. I also have some concern about keeping my energy level up for my classes, but I’m trying to put those thoughts aside to save room for the positives that will, hopefully, come out of the effort: strength, renewed confidence in my abilities, deeper knowledge of how my body functions, contribution to the Susan B. Komen Foundation, and a new experience.

We look forward to Connie’s progress and updates along the way!  Thanks Connie!


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