Mt. Hood Cycling Classic Prologue

Post by Phil Elsasser

Well,  after spending the last several weeks dealing with some terrible allergies, things have started to come around a bit.  A visit to the doctor office and a lot of medication seem to have me feeling a bit better on the bike and certainly off.  Yesterday we started the 6 day stage race that is Mt Hood Cycling Classic.  The prologue was held on Portland’s International Raceway late in the evening under heavy rain.  Everyone did 2 laps for a total of 4 miles. I had a good warm up and felt like I rode pretty well, save for one left hand turn that I completely botched and ended up losing a lot of time on.  In a prologue every second counts, and every time you grab brakes, you can be sure you are losing some time.  Well I grabbed a lot of brakes, and lost a lot of time as a result.    The second lap was infinitely better.  I should have pre-road the course (dumb mistake).  Luckily with the hard racing to come later this week, the 26 six seconds I sit behind the leader will be insignificant.  Hopefully I will keep updates coming to the site throughout the week.  It is supposed to be a wet one.


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