HCC Athlete Feature: Patrick Means

As a coach there is nothing more rewarding than seeing many of your atheletes achieving some great results.  Here at HCC we have been lucky to have several of our atheletes pull off some impressive results in the last months.  Since mid-winter, Patrick Means has been a client of HCC and has been tearing up the local racing scene both on and off the road.  We thought we would ask him a few questions about his recent success.

Patrick Means winning the Cat 3 Crit at Walla Walla Stage Race. Photo Courtesy of Wheelsinfocus.com

You just returned from one of your first mountain bike races of the season, how did it go?

It went really well.  The race is the Mudslinger, down in Oregon.  I helped build some of the trails for the race back in high school, so it’s kinda my home race.  It was the first mtb race of the year for me, those usually always suck!  It’s usually a shock to the system, all the intensity, but this year with all the racing I’ve done leading up to it, I kinda fell into the groove pretty quick.  I got 6th in the pros. And I almost had 5th place on the line!  It wasn’t the normal namesake conditions.  It was sunny and pretty warm!  typically this race is a bit earlier in the year and it’s wet wet wet, which is better for me usually.

Recently, on the road, you have enjoyed some pretty impressive results, can you list some of those for us?

I guess the highlight would be winning the Tour of Walla Walla Criterium in the Cat 3s.  Everything just fell into place during that race.  I then placed 2nd in the final road race the following day.  Those results, with a fairly solid time trial, and I was able to take 6th place on GC that weekend.  The following weekend I went and raced at the Cherry Blossom Cycling Classic down in Oregon.  I took 4th in the field sprint the first day, then 3rd the day after on maybe one of the greatest race courses that I’ve yet raced on.  I took 6th in the TT and finished with the pack in the Criterium, so I held onto 4th on GC.  Oh, and the weekend before Walla Walla I took 4th at Volunteer Park crit, then the next day was down at Olympic view road race, and flatted with 8 miles to go!  So yeah, I’m really happy with how the season has started out!

Why do you think things have been going so well?

don’t really know how to say it, other then, my head has been in the right space.  It was kind of hard winter, I was laid-off from my job, and it’s been trying, to say the least, at acquiring another one.   The community support has been great.  I am also keeping busy with other things, non-bicycle things, which is great.  This is good for balance and balance is key.  I am also really enjoying my training.  I started working with High Cadence Coaching Systems and that has been going great.  Great communication, good people, it’s really relaxed and pleasant working with them.  The workouts on the other hand… some of them, are really tough!

Have you felt well prepared for your recent races?
Extremely well prepared.  I feel rested heading into them and I can’t believe how fast recovery has been!  Some of it has been just taking care of my body.  I’ve been seeing Steve Noble at Noble Sports Chiropractic and Ed Layton, Acupuncturist, at Layton Health Clinic.  Both these guys have helped me a lot, staying healthy, faster recovery, injury prevention, too many things to list.  Also, the training heading into the racing has been very focused.  It’s clear that both Phil and Brian at High Cadence, not only do they have a ton or racing/training experience themselves and with clients, but they’ve got into the scientific studies of training.  They’ve done lots of homework to really learn how to train different people, for different objectives.  And they are excited about what they do!  It’s great.
What has been different from previous years?
I graduated from Western Washington University last fall.  Before, I’ve always been doing the school thing, work thing and the bike thing as well.  So no school this year and that is a big change.  My work situation has changed for the better, financially, it’s a little harder, but mentally/quality-of-life, it’s way better.  As I mentioned before, this is my first season working with High Cadence and I couldn’t be happier!
What are some of your upcoming races and goals?
Well,  one of my big goals for the season was to get enough points to upgrade to 2’s on the road, which I got at Walla Walla.  The next major goal is going to be Mountain Bike Nationals in July.  It’s at elevation, which is going to hurt, but it should be a really great experience.  There are many other races that I want to do, but I have to decide between the mountain or the road for a good few of them.  There is a chance that I’ll race the High Cascades 100 in Bend in August.  It’s a 100 mile mountain bike race on some amazing trails out near the Three Sisters and Mount Bachelor.  Then maybe some cyclocross in the Fall?
Any plans to upgrade to the big leagues soon?
haha!  Soon…  I think I’ll race another weekend as a 3 and then upgrade.  It’s funny, I couldn’t wait to get to the 2s before racing began, I didn’t even want to deal with the 3s.  But now that I’ve got the opportunity to upgrade, I’m hesitant.  I think a lot of people upgrade too fast.  It’s important to get experience being successful, for a couple reasons, morale being one, it’s also important to attain the top spot before you upgrade, when you win, something clicks, and you’re like, ok, I can do this again.

You just got back from one of your first mountain bike races of the

season, how did it go?


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