More Feedback From Clients

It is always nice to hear that things are going well for a client, even more so when that client was almost in so much pain they were unable to ride their bike at all.  Mary Margaret Bowmer recently provided us with this feedback from her bike fit.  Enjoy.

Phil did a bike fit on my race bike a couple of months ago.  At the time I was having some pretty severe left anterior knee pain.

My massage practitioner thought it was related to a tight hamstring. (Which was very tight.) For a couple of weeks I kept stretching, but kept riding too, but the pain did not subside.  Finally my husband urged me to get a bike fit.
Phil did an amazing job.  He first checked over my flexibility and motion.  Then got me on the bike and watched me spin for a few.  He raised my seat time and time again till it was a good inch to two higher.  I was amazed and skeptical, but surprisingly it felt really good and my knee felt better.  He also adjusted the position of the saddle and shoes, carefully seeing how my knee was reacting with each spin.  Finally, he adjusted the stem which changed quite a bit.  I went home and my husband made the changes on my training bike as well.
Now my knees feel great!  No more pain.  And more shoulders feel better too.  I feel stronger on the bike, especially when climbing.  It feels like I can spin at a better and at a more efficient rate, and breathe better as well.  Which is always good.
Thanks Phil to a job well done.
MaryMargaret Bowmer
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