San Dimas Stage Race and Redlands

Post by Phil Elsasser

So it has been a while since I have posted an update of my southern California racing trip.  So here it goes.  After an amazing couple of days training in the valley and along the southern California coast with the likes of Ivan Dominguez, we headed out to San Dimas prior to the start of the race.

There was tons of pre-race excitement prior to San Dimas.  San Dimas is the first big race of the season with a stacked field of 150 riders from all the top pro teams in the U.S.  getting the engines fired up for next weeks inaugural NRC race, Redlands.  The race consists of an uphill TT, a circuit race with more road furniture than I have ever seen in any U.S race, and a flat crit.  The TT went okay for me, despite going out a bit too had, and just clinging on for the last couple miles of the climb.  Unfortunately, things went rather pair shaped in the circuit race, and a comedy of my own errors left me off the back around half way through the race.  disappointing to say the least.

So after a few more days of hectic transfers, and baffling host housing situations, we are now comfortably situated in Redlands, CA patiently awaiting the start of the TT prologue.  We have previewed just about all of the courses down here, and they are some ridiculously hard courses.  It isn’t just one thing that makes them hard, on paper they don’t look like anything crazy.  However when you combine the 200 super fast dudes, the exposed sections with hard cross winds, the climbs, the poor road surface, and the hair-raising crit course, things start to take on a different perspective.  I have already learned a huge amount in this first trip of the season about racing in the “big leagues” hopefully I can put some of this new knowledge to the test and make it all the way through this one.  Wish me luck, I go off today at 12:58:30.


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