New Season, Two TT’s, Two Minutes Each

Post By Phil  Elsasser

High Cadence Coaching is proud to have athletes like David Bishop under its wings as his drive for performance combined with the help and guidance of our coaching has brought him a long way in a very short time.  Dave recently completed two early season time trials and saw great improvements from the year prior.  Here is his report on his incredible early season gains!

Well, it has started. And what better way than to start the bike racing season then with the race of truth. Where it is just me(and many other racers), my bike and the clock. One of my goals this season was to improve my time trialing. Which is funny because I am not sure I ever shared that out loud with Brian or Phil. Regardless after our mild-ish winter, lots of great base miles, and my first complete year of being on a program, my performance exceeded my expectations hugely. I have, in the past, been a marginal middle of the pack bike racer. Let’s just say if there was a field of any size I would find the front of the middle third. In fairness I did end last bike season in a pretty solid place winning the Master C Team Time Trial with three strong teammates. But to do well on my own? So after lots of chilly sunny Saturday’s out for 4-7 hours, a small weekend bike tour in California, and what seems like very little speed work I eaked out an 8th place and a 4th place finish in Masters Cats at Frostbite and Icebreaker Time Trial’s respectively. More importantly at Frostbite I was 1:47 faster on the 9 mile course and Icebreaker, a 10 mile course, I was 2:12 faster. That seems shocking as I type this. I would have been happy with 20 seconds. I have not lost a remarkable amount of weight. So what’s the deal?  I believe that the year of consistent training coupled with learning how to stay with it mentally have been the determining factors. This season I am really learning how to go hard and suffer and not “blow up”. And I think that mental edge is the crossroad with fitness to improvement.

High Cadence Coaching Systems could not be happier to coach such a great athlete and soon to be father! Great Job Dave, and keep up the good work!  You can read more about Dave here.  We hope to see dave many more times cracking the top ten as the season progresses and hopefully standing on that top step of the podium as we get some more speed in his legs! Photo courtesy of Jeff Lynch Photography.


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