Santa Rosa Wrap Up

Post By Phil Elsasser

Well the dust has settled, I am back home in the comforts of my own home.  After a great ride with Alan and Robin, Barbie and I hit the road leaving Santa Rosa at 3pm and arriving back in Bellingham, completely wiped at about 7am.  Three days later I finally feel like life has settled down a bit.  I am back into the swing of training and being home, and trying to figure out the employment situation.  First some quick little tid bits of my training block.

Total Hours for February ~116 hours (3 big weeks with one short 20 hour week)

Total Miles for February ~1900miles

Total Training Stress for the Month – 5018

Total KJ for the month – 83,228

Surprisingly I am recovering VERY well, and after seeing Steve yesterday and having everything test very strong I am fighting the urge to go hard, and sticking to the plan of resting this week.  I am mentally DONE with the off-season and training, I am so ready to race it is scary.  I am sure it will take a while for some real speed to come to me, but I can feel it is going to come.  I feel prepared, fit, and anxious to take on this huge season ahead of me.

The only other thing I have to say about the previous month is that how much different training is when it is your sole responsibility, and basically your job.  Each day in Santa Rosa,  I had the time to take care of my body something I often neglect when home and juggling work, training, relationships, and other personal commitments.  In Santa Rosa, I took a short nap everyday, stretched everyday, and most of all had time to prepare very healthy meals.  While it is unrealistic for the average person to be able to live that lifestyle, it is amazing the difference it makes in being able to recover and go hard again the next day.    My next update will hopefully have some news of racing as I am planning on toeing the line for the first time this season up in BC at the ever famous Escape Velocity series, should be good.


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