First Post. Not the Last, maybe the most boring.

Post By Rathchamp

Training is young.  I’m putting in more hours than I ever have with more structure than I’ve ever given.  It makes me pretty excited to put the results to test.  A few notes…

1. I ride at night now.

I’m into it.  It makes me feel adventurous.  However, it hasn’t rained on me at night yet, which could be quite the downer and I have yet to get a flat at night, which could be the loneliest flat change ever.

2. I’m spending more time on the TT bike than ever.

Probably not enough considering IMAZ looms at the end of the calendar like Kuppa Truppa at the end of a Mario level.

3. My knees are touchy.

What is up with that??  Tension travels around my knees like fog.  May the Cold Lasers bless me.

I promise my blog will get more interesting once racing starts.


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One response to “First Post. Not the Last, maybe the most boring.

  1. Grandma Jane

    Ben, Thank you for the info. I will definitely be watching your blog. Email when you have the time, I would love to hear more from you. Love, Grandma

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