Rice Bars – Good Food For Long Days in The Saddle

So, for a long time I have been EXTREMELY sick of eating bars on rides. During the season I force myself to deal with it due to convenience and travels, but during the off season I often search for alternatives. Previously, I have just eaten sandwiches, fruit, or other items on the bike, but my pockets can only hold so much and I am riding quite a few hours. Solution – Rice Bars! Most mak- your-own bar recipes I have tried or seen cost an enormous amount to make, almost as much as just purchasing bars. After a suggestion from Steve Noble, I tried my hand at some rice bars.  Without a recipe I just tried my own combination one night and have been pretty darn happy with them since.

1.  Cook 3 cups brown rice with about .5 cup extra water to make it a bit stickier. Also do not wash the rice beforehand, the gluten is good for the final product.

2. Mix 6 eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, and honey to taste in the rice

3. place mixture into a pyrex baking sheet, sprayed with oil, and bake at 350 for about 45 minutes.

4. cut and wrap in tin foil, refrigerate until used.

They are a great way to get some calories in on the bike.  They are bland enough for me to eat over and over again without worry and are easy enough to carry.  They are a bit bulky compared calorie for calorie with a bar, and I am not psyched about all the tin foil usage but, at less than 2 dollars per pan of 9 bars, I can’t really complain.  Can you imagine eating only bars for a big training week.  At roughly 1 bar an hour, that is 30ish bars a week, no thank you.  Rice? YES please!

As a side note, depending on how much honey you add the bars are roughly 250-300 calories each (assuming 9 bars per batch).


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One response to “Rice Bars – Good Food For Long Days in The Saddle

  1. Rathchamp

    I’m with you on the Rice bars. Thank you Steve Noble. I’ve also spiced it up with some raisins and a little peanut butter. At like, 30 cents a bar its hard to beat the price.

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