It is interesting how a simple change in focus can realign your entire perspective in training.  Prior to the new year, I had been training quite a bit, somewhere around 17-20 hrs a week.  The training was certainly hard, but seemed more mentally difficult sometimes.  In essence I felt like I was training simply to train.  I have never been able to do that, and am often inspired by folks who go the gym religiously to simply improve their fitness.

Fast forward to these past couple of weeks.  Training volume on the road bike has increased quite a bit,  as has overall volume.  However it seams easy, and not only that I have a purpose.  Racing!  It still seems a bit far away, but there is light at the end of the dark winter tunnel.   Hours on the bike fly by, my motivation to eat correctly has  been recovered from the holiday carelessness, and most importantly I cant wait to toe the line.  February couldn’t come sooner.  Hopefully my legs agree with my head!


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