WWU Bike Fit Nights

Well when you offer anything FREE to  college students you should pretty much plan on being busy, and we WERE!  Man, two nights of “clinic” style fittings, 12 students and several hours later much of the WWU team is on their way to riding efficiently and without pain.

Hip Motion Analysis

Hip Movement Analysis

Measuring Drop

Saddle to Bar Drop Measurement

Saddle Fore Aft Adjustment

Saddle Fore Aft Adjustment

Cleat Position Analysis

Cleat Position Analysis

Many came in with aches, pains or just simply being uncomfortable on the bike.  I am pretty sure everyone walked out of the office in amazement that you could be comfortable on the bike.  I am excited that I got to have some small part in getting people excited about riding, and giving back to the WWU Cycling Team which has given me so much.

I will leave you with a snippet of  two riders email responses to me following the fits.

Hey Phil,

David Dees here. I’ve only put about 6 hours on the saddle total since the fitting, but I know it feels leaps and bounds better than before. When I bought the bike, I just adjusted the seat post height and called it good. After the fitting, I definitely had a lot of strain reduced on my shoulders, and arms and neck and lower back, so much so that I’m pretty much taking my bike everywhere (even to campus) and instead of walking in some cases.

David Dees

Hey Phil,

My bike now feels incredible after the fit.   I’d thought about getting a fit before but the prices blew me away.  I now realize how complicated fitting actually is.  I feel very lucky to have gotten a professional fit from you.  I can’t believe I rode for so long the way my bike was.

Eric Messerschmidt

Right now is a great time to get fit, adjustments take some time for our body to adapt to and the off season for most is a great time to learn to be more efficient on the bike! So come on in, call Steve Noble’s Office at 360.671.7067 to schedule.

For more info click here.


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